The Way the Richest People in the World Spend Money for Humanity

The founder and CEO of Amazon’s e-commerce giant Jeff Bezos officially became the richest people in the world in July. At that time, the value of his wealth touched the figure of 150 billion US dollars, according to a Bloomberg report.

By becoming the richest people in the world, he shifted Bill Gates’s position from the top position. But, it is known that he has never been seen as active in humanitarian activities like other rich people do.

Bill Gates is certainly one of the most generous figures of the rich because of his various humanitarian activities. In addition, other billionaire figures such as Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, also Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, are committed to donating a significant portion of their wealth to charity during their lifetime.

The two leaders signed an agreement called Giving Pledge to carry out this commitment. However, Jeff Bezos became the only people in the United States in the top five of the world’s richest people who did not participate in the agreement.

But, Bezos seemed to want to jump into the field of humanity when he asked for input from his followers on Twitter about what he should do to do charity. He wrote this tweet in June 2017.

“I think I want to do more humanitarian activities to help people everywhere – in the short term – amid increasing needs and long-term impacts,” Bezos wrote.

He gave an example of a place called Mary’s Place in Seattle, which provides shelter and trains people who have no place to live. Amazon partnered with Mary’s Place in 2016, turning an old hotel into a shelter for more than 200 family members.

The place was later destroyed to make two new Amazon office buildings. Even so, Amazon is committed to providing a permanent home for Mary’s Place. Jeff Bezos also donated US $ 1 million to the organization.

In June 2018, a few days before the one-year song he made, Bezos again sang and said the people’s response was ‘very inspiring, enlightening, helpful and appreciated’. Bezos later said he had chosen two areas to focus on the humanitarian activities.

Previously, a philanthropic adviser named Jake Hayman criticized Bezos’s move for only a short period of humanity and how to ask for advice via Twitter.

“The answer is not to provide shelter and work for families without shelter anywhere, but rather to improve the system which often makes people fail, the point of which they rely on charity,” Hayman wrote, reported by Business Insider.

Since talking about philanthropic plans, Bezos has never revealed how much donation he will give. But, in January, his wife MacKenzie Bezos said they donated 33 million US dollars to non-profit organization TheDream.US. This organization supports children who come to the US as immigrants who do not have documentation.

The money is then used to provide college scholarships for 1,000 high school graduates who have a residence in the US under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Known, one of the founders of TheDream.US was Don Graham, publisher of The Washington Post when Bezos bought the media company in 2013.

In the announcement of the donation, Bezos said the donation was carried out as a tribute to his father, who had come to the US from Cuba in the 1960s as one of thousands of neglected children.

Although philanthropic activities by Musk and Hastings look bigger than Bezos, it should be noted that not all billionaires have plunged into humanity while still running the company.

Bill Gates for example, he has not created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation before he resigned from the position of CEO of Microsoft. Similarly, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, said he would resign from his position in the company in 2019 and also wanted to be active in the humanitarian field.

Let’s wait for the next charitable steps from the richest people in the world.